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NiftySquirrel.com is home affordable recipe books that are downloadable and readable by computers, cellphones, Kindles, Nooks, iPads, and iPhones. Each of these recipe books contain hand picked recipes that include the Nutrition Facts label for each recipe. These aren't just cookbooks that you download and forget about. Each recipe book is affordable and practical. The pricing for these cookbooks range between 99 cents to $1.49 each and you can't find any cookbooks in print for just 99 cents! At these low prices you can load your hand-held or tablet reader up with some full-flavored recipes that will have everyone asking for seconds.

My Cookbooks & Recipes

Home of Nifty Squirrel, your online home for low-cost, high-enjoyment recipes and cookbooks.There are hundreds of thousands of recipes on the Internet along with tens of thousands of cookbooks (or recipe books if you prefer that term). So what makes my recipe collection here at Nifty Squirrel so attractive? They are all compiled into ebook formats that computers, smart phones, iPads, iPhones and other digital readers can display. And if that isn’t enough, the prices are so attractive that it is hard to resist buying one or more of these recipe collections. At an average price of only 99 cents you can't go wrong buying these cookbooks.

How To Order

If you purchased a Kindle version of these cookbooks you will find that I no longer sell exclusively on the Kindle platform. By selling my cookbooks on Smashwords.com I can now offer more formats for more ereaders than Amazon can deliver. My Smashwords page is the place to order my cookboooks. Purchasing cookbooks on Smashwords.com is safe and secure as they use PayPal(tm) for all of their payment processing and the good news is that you don't have to have a PayPal(tm) account to purchase my cookbooks.

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