Adventures in Cooking


Debbie Larck's Adventures In Cooking
Debbie Larck’s Adventures In Cooking

Debbie Larck grew up in a large family where cooking nutritious food came second to making sure mealtimes were easy and cheap. It was little wonder then, that she became a stranger to cooking anything from scratch and is still averse to certain foods today. Her transformation, from eating canned food to what she does today, is a testament to a desire to change things for her own family.

In this book, Adventures in Cooking, Debbie tells of her journey from eating the same food week in, week out, to a much healthier diet and a wide range of delicious recipes for:

Filling breakfasts

Quick lunches

Midweek meals

Dinners that all the family will love

Soups and starters

Main dishes


And lots more…

Cooking food that is healthy, nutritious and good doesn’t need to be a chore and even if you have never cooked a meal in your life before, Debbie’s book will help you to understand that cooking from scratch is easier than you may have imagined.
If you are a stranger to the kitchen and believe that you’ll never cook a decent meal, ever, get a copy of this book and start your own adventure in cooking now!


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