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Kid Friendly – Mom Happy Recipes

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There are many families where the children enjoy cooking as much as some adults do. So this series of kid friendly recipes has been assembled into an affordable kid friendly cookbook that you can purchase and have it sent to your in-box today. Not only will your kids learn to cook but these cookbooks are also a great way to improve their math skills!

Included in this cook book of kid-friendly recipes there are such delights as “Awesome Punch“, “Kid Proof Fudge“, “The Surprise Below” and many more. Even if your children do not enjoy cooking these dishes will delight your children. But if they do enjoy cooking then these cookbooks will give them basic cooking skills such as measuring ingredients, cutting and chopping (careful!!!), stirring and mixing in ingredients, cooling, heating, baking, etc.

Both you and your children should try these kids recipes made with loving hands in their own kitchen. To help you determine whether or not to make a particular kid’s recipe you will find the nutrition facts for you for each and every one of our recipes in this cookbook. Below is the table of contents for this kid friendly cookbook , look it over and see if this isn’t the cookbook that you’ve been searching the web for.


Kid Friendly – Mom Happy Recipes Table Of Contents
  • Awesome Punch
  • Cake Cones
  • Caramel Pear Parfaits
  • Chocolate Delite
  • Healthy Snack
  • Kid Proof Fudge
  • Orange Mandarin Surprise
  • Peach Mousse
  • Play Dough
  • The Surprise Below
So What’s In Our Kid Friendly Cookbooks?

Great recipes from Kid Friendly Cookbooks have become a part of the lunch and dinner tables in our household. Just think, now you can prepare a healthy and delicious meal that will keep your family coming back for more. Did I mention these recipes are healthy? Well you can see for yourself by reviewing the Nutrition Facts posted with each and every single recipe. You can’t go wrong with a win-win situation like this cookbook of recipes that are a sensory delight to the most discriminating Kid Friendly Cookbooks lover.

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Kid Friendly - Mom Happy Recipes
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